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About Lawrence Heights Homes

Lawrence Heights Provides Modular Homes Featuring...

  • Custom homes, with modern layouts from 800 -1800 square feet or more
  • Numerous upgrades available
  • All homes come with a National Home Warranty

In our newest phase, homes can be placed on 4' crawl space foundations. This is a superior method of construction and essentially this type of housing closely resembles the conventional stick-built, or site-built housing we predominately see in Canadian cities.

Adding this important feature could be beneficial when applying for a mortgage, shopping for insurance and adding lasting value to your home.


  • Provincial Property Transfer Tax does not apply when you purchase a home at Lawrence Heights
  • Annual property taxes generally range in the $375-$500/year after the home-owner grant

  • Modular housing is build to a strict building code (CSA A277). Manufactured housing (sometimes referred to as mobile housing) falls under CSA Z240


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